We’ve previously posted entries about telephone computer-support scammers (here, and here). That information is still relevant, and if you haven’t yet read these articles, you should.

Recently, these criminals have added a new weapon to their arsenal: Caller ID spoofing. In brief, the scammers use widely-available telemarketing hardware to make your phone’s caller ID feature report that their call is originating from Apple’s headquarters, when in fact it isn’t. Here is a MacRumors article about the new scam twist.

It bears repeating: Apple and Microsoft will not call you out of the blue to report that “you have a virus” or that “your computer needs repair.” Hang up on these callers, don’t even listen to their pitch. And, for heaven’s sake, don’t let them log into your computer remotely, and become a victim of ransomware or identity theft.

Anyone who initiates a call to you and then tries to charge you for emergency computer service is looking to bilk you—do not let them.

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